Hotel Santika in Seminyak

Rooftop pool, rooftop spa, rooftop bar, rooftop brekkie, rooftop lunch, rooftop dinner, rooftop chill, rooftop everything!
If you guys know me you know that I love rooftop, everywhere, all the time, always, and I live for sunsets, anytime, anywhere, so this really was a perfect match for me, and I'm sure it'll be the perfect one for you too.

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Bali really has a special place in my heart for many different reasons, it's the first place I ever traveled to with my fiance out of the USA, I've met amazing people there, I saw real kindness, there's a special peaceful and calming kind of vibe going on the island that I really appreciate, there are very strong sunsets, and without a doubt some of the most beautiful landscapes and powerful places I've felt, since, and been at. I am so fond of Bali that I actually consider moving there.

Santika Seminyak, Bali INDONESIA



Santika hotel is located on Jl. Sunset Road in Seminyak which is the best place to be in South Bali while visiting. 
Seminyak is a beach resort area as well as a fashion district and a place full of good restaurants, bars, clubs, and sunset scenes facing the Indian Ocean, and least but not last, a perfect place to go or learn surfing.

The good thing is, it's not exactly in the heart of busy Seminyak which gives you a quiet place to sleep at night and relax at on the rooftop after a long day of exploring.



The hotel has shelters that will take you places such as the mall, the beach and such.
However, I highly suggest you get your own ride in Bali, and except if you are with kids, I strongly recommend you get a motorbike because the traffic there is 24/7 365.
The roads are extremely busy, the traffic is literally insane and you'll go nuts in a car and waste so many hours every day that you could have spent exploring all the amazing places of Bali. A second reason why you should get your own ride is because taxis are a little bit pricey if you want to visit different places on the island during your trip, and you can't really count on Uber and such because they're not allowed to go pretty much all the places you'll wanna go, and again it'll get you stuck in traffic. It's fine to use a cab from time to time, if you're going to the total opposite side of Bali, or if it's pouring rain, but it'll be easier and less restrictive to get your own motorbike while your stay in Bali.

If you're not comfortable driving a motorbike, you can use an app called Go Jek that pretty much works the same way that Uber does, the difference is that they'll come pick you up on a motorbike, so you won't be stuck in traffic. But again, be careful because they're not allowed to go everywhere.


I've got a weird thing with the bathroom, it literally is the first thing I check before booking any hotels, I really do need a very clean, and nice bathroom in which I'll feel comfortable anywhere I stay.
The entire room was great, nothing fancy or anything like this but beyond enough, as we were out most of the time and when we actually spent some time at the hotel, we were hanging out on the rooftop, at the bar or the pool.

The rooftop is actually the thing that made me wanna share this hotel address with you guys. 
Pool, spa, gym, bar, brekkie, dinner pretty much everything happens to be on the rooftop and I got mad love for rooftops
You can enjoy a sunset while chilling in the beautiful pool or sip a cocktail on a couch.
The gym was always empty, with a couple cardio machine, and enough space to get your squats done - yes, even during your trip

The staff is really sweet and helpful.

I didn't know that I'll launch a website back then, so this is a personal video. Sorry for my bf and his finger, lmao.



We had our breakfast a few times there, and if you're vegan you can definitely manage to have a good brekkie, such as watermelon juice, corn, steamed spinach, fruits and this kind of food. We decided not to eat at the hotel every morning though because I need more than steamed veggies and raw fruits to start my day with, but a couple times during our stay was good. For the non-vegan, my boyfriend said the food was good. They mainly serve traditional food.

They also have a café at the entrance without any vegan options, at least for now.

Again, this is a personal video from my Snapchat taken before launching my website.



There's not much you can do around by walk. But you'll find everything you look for in not even 5 minutes on your motorbike. Our favorite beach around was Double Six Beach; you can sip on a freshly cut coconut, meet cool people, go surfing, take a walk, enjoy a sunset, eat...

How do you love Bali?



Here are some more pictures of the hotel

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Joanna Colomas