Sun Cafe, an award-winning restaurant that feels like home, where you can eat healthy and tasty food while chilling on the couch on the patio next to the fireplace at sunset time, or go for a Sunday brunch and enjoy some delicious vegan waffles with a strawberry mimosa, or even a quick stop to end your sugar craving with a chocolate cupcake or just stop by and pick up a tasty smoothie on the go... Tempted?

scroll down for more pictures and to discover Sun cafe's yummy menu

When I turned vegan a few years back, I was living in Los Angeles, luckily this city is like heaven for vegans compare to France or UAE. While looking more into the menus of my favorite restaurants in LA or at least the ones that used to be it, I surprisingly still find meatless or dairy-free dish, which is a good thing - when I'm holidaying in France and going to restaurant it really is a big deal even now, in 2017 to make people understand that yes, you survive eating plant-based, and yes, cheese comes from animals, remember? 
Even though I could always find something to eat without changing the whole order when we went out, it was never enough food nor satisfying, and of course, I got hungry very quickly. So a few weeks later, when I got tired of eating salad only while eating out, I made some research and have found this sick place called Sun Cafe Organic that I really wanted to try, so I kind of dragged my non-vegan boyfriend with me there.

When we first entered, after passing the open gate, we found this cute little front yard where you can enjoy your meal in a very cozy atmosphere, for some reason we decided to eat inside, and have found a very simple and homely space with a friendly staff. A waiter took us to our table next to a big window overlooking the front yard, and brought us the menus. And OMG! I had arrived in Vegan Paradise.

Double stuffed spicy quesadilla, lasagna, cookie dough cheesecake, raw burger, portobello sandwich, teriyaki tempeh, Hawaiian burger, brownie sundae, nachos, tacos, bruschetta and so much more...

He ordered Mac and cheese, I went for the Shepherd's pie, and let me tell you how my boyfriend never eats anything else than shawarma, hummus, chicken or lamb with rice, and kebab, so, yea, big meat eater that literally hates veggies in any way, shape or form. But that Mac and Cheese he remembers.
He always takes me out to nice restaurants that we both can go to, but to make me happy, he sometimes takes me to vegan places even if it means that we won't eat together, but I am sure that he always agrees on Sun Cafe. Only, on Sun Cafe. 

The Shepherd's pie was mouthwatering, and to finish this great lunch, I ordered my favorite smoothie there the Cacao Superfood Shake to go. 

Since that time, Sun Cafe turned to be my favorite place to eat at in Los Angeles and I've gone several times, kinda became a habit. I've tried almost all the menu, but my favorites remain the same from our first order, Mac and cheese and Shepherd's pie but you unquestionably can let you seduce by anything on the menu. I'm sure you'll love it.
I'm also used to stop by only to pick up a shake or juice anytime I'm in Studio City. 

Oh, and didn't I mention you actually can take classes with Chef Ron Russel! How crazy is this? Looking forward for my turn next time I'm in LA.

If you live in SoCal or are travelling in the area, try Sun Cafe Organic.