10 Very Easy Habits that’ll improve your health

Changing everything about your life in one day is unlikely to happen, but there are lots of easy change you can make to improve your lifestyle and live happier with your mind and body.

Living a healthy life is more than working out and eating properly, here are 10 habits you must include to your daily life that will lead you toward wellbeing.

Take a daily walk

Many studies have proven that going for a 30 minutes walk daily is full of benefits such as getting blood pressure in line, prevent diabetes, improve your mood, even reduce heart disease and cancer risks, and the list goes on and on.

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Start your day by drinking water

One of the best thing you can do for your body is to drink half a liter of water right after you wake up, when your stomach is still empty. Every day you wake up dehydrated as you haven't drunk water for long hours, so you want to hydrate your body as soon as possible, and hydrate on an empty stomach will give a good cleanse to your inner body and flush out all the toxins. You can squeeze half of an organic lemon for even more health benefits. The best would be to drink 500mL.

Don't skip meal

When you skip a meal your body reacts by switching to "starvation mode" which immediately slow down your metabolism, meaning it'll drain your energy very quickly and your body will not burn off efficiently whatever you'll eat next, which means that your body will keep and stock more nutrients than you’ll actually need, and this lead to weight gain.
Also, if you're looking to build muscle, skipping a meal certainly is the worst idea as your body will draw glucose from your muscle which results to muscle loss and then, muscle atrophy.

Set weekly goals

Setting goals gives your life direction, boosts your motivation and help you stay focus. Successful business-people, top-level athletes, and any achievers of any fields, all set goals. 

I love to set weekly goals because setting daily goals wouldn't be realistic as you might not feel well on this day, or you might feel lazy, and forcing yourself into it would lead to an unproductive day and you're likely to not be satisfied at the end and in need to redo what you’ve done all over again anyway. I do set monthly goals for myself but they generally are the result of all the weekly goals I've done the past weeks, that's why I believe that weekly goals are the important ones as they're those that are going to take you to your monthly goals, and yearly goals, and your life goals. Set weekly goals every Sunday, and manage your time the way you like it to have everything done by the end of the week.

10 Very Easy Habits That'll Improve Your Health Right Away  joannacolomas.com

Treat yourself

Go to the hair salon even if you don't need it and only get a nice blow-dry, get a mani-pedi, watch a movie, make yourself a homemade face or hair mask, go shopping, cook, treat yourself with anything that will make you feel good inside and out.

Do not eat processed food

I know that not everybody has the time to cook daily and processed food being available everywhere at every price does not help on giving up on it, but you got to know that most of the processed foods are loaded with artificial chemicals, flavorants, colorants, preservatives, texturants and such, generally high in sugar and trans-fat, and low in nutrients. If you don't have the time to cook daily, you can cook in larger quantity and make ahead freezer meal for the week, or even month.

Get a massage

Getting a massage will increase the flow of blood and oxygen, relax the tissue, decrease mental and physical pain, reduce stress and anxiety and might even help digestive disorders. Exactly what you need.

Get active

Working out didn't only changed my body but healed my mind and changed my conception of life. Exercising is one of the biggest steps to a healthy lifestyle, it might be the hardest one but it definitely is the worthiest.
You don't have to join a gym if you're not comfortable with this idea (you might change your mind after a few weeks of working out and seeing progress and feeling different in a good way, and simply happier), but you must be active on a daily basis and exercise at least 3 times a week. Whether you wanna go play tennis with your friends or want to start yoga on youtube, go to ballet class, or workout from home, whichever you want to do, but you need to start now. I'm not gonna write about the physical benefits of exercising because everyone is well aware that we need to get active to stay healthy, but the fact is while you become physically strong you become mentally stronger as well, and feeling strong gives you confidence, and confidence gives you happiness. So why not start now?


You need to feel good at your own place, as the environment influences behavior and mood. Whether you want to light up some scented candles and by a few pilows or completely redecorate, just do it!

Be kind and compassionate

Being kind is a free and simple way to connect with others and make people happy, even for just a short moment. Kindness is contagious, if someone genuinely help you with something or say something nice to you, whether he's a total stranger or you know the person, a positive connection is made that can totally light your day, changes your mood and inspires you to give back, and this doesn't only make you happy, but makes others happy too. It can be as simple as a smile, giving up your seat on the train, buy food for someone in needs, help someone carrying grocery bags and such.

I know that a lot of you may think “I wish, I just don’t have the time”, but to be honest, no matter how hard you work, how busy you are, you always have a little free time everyday. The real question is how do you wanna spend it?

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