5 Vegan Sandwiches That Are Highly Nutritious

Who doesn’t love sandwiches? They’re quick and easy to make, simple to pack, and anyway, just the idea of layering everything you crave at the moment in between two slides of toasted multi-grains bread is enough to please anybody I’ve ever known.
If you’re not used or don’t know much about the plant-based diet, I know what you’re thinking “a lettuce sandwich? No thanks”. But you got it all wrong, trust me, even if you are not big on meat-free, dairy-free food, you could be pleasantly surprised. We, plant-based people, do not only eat lettuce, actually far from this, we in the contrary, eat many different type of food, and in gigantic quantity.

Here are 5 sandwiches that are entirely plant-based and highly nutritious.

This avocado and maple glazed tempeh sandwich by Green Evi is particularly high in protein (24g) and vitamins A, C and K among others.

In this delicious sandwich you’ll find marinated baked tempeh, smashed avocado, leafy greens of your choice (I like arugula and spinach), slices of tomato, a tad of chopped chili pepper, all that in your favorite bread, or in a wrap!

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This sandwich by Strength And Sunshine is even higher in protein (27g, can you believe this?) than the previous one. Not only this curried black eyed pea salad sandwich is super yummy, and contains a crazy big amount of all sort of amino acids, but it also is loaded with calcium, iron, fibers and potassium.

In this super tasty healthy sandwich you’ll find a lot of black eyed peas, a little bit of celery, carrot, red grape, parsley, shallot, nutritional yeast, and even some coconut yogurt. And a lot of spices! You can have it in a bun as shown in the picture, or in your favorite slices of bread or for the healthiest version in a wrap.

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Vegetarian Muffuletta Picnic Sandwich

Recipe by Yummy Mummy Kitchen.
Straight out of the South Of France, this is the most “Provençale” sandwich you’ll find, in this list or else. Not as high in protein as the rest of the sandwiches of this list (17g), but still as healthy as the rest of them. This is pretty much an Italian loaf of bread loaded with many different sort of vitamins, fibers and minerals.

This explosion of flavors contain eggplant, kalamata olive tapenade, basil leaves, tomato, roasted peppers, artichoke hearts, vegan mozzarella, and baby lettuces, and I personally love to add radishes.

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Grilled Green Goddess Wraps

Recipe by Strength and Sunshine

Lowest in calories of the list, and the most healthiest: very low in fat (almost inexistant), yet the highest of the list in protein (33g), and as always in a plant-based diet, full of all type of vitamins, and minerals.

In this green wraps, you’ll find lima beans, nutritional yeast, parsley, broccoli, hearts of palm, fresh lime and a little spices. Use wholemeal wraps for even more protein.

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Lentil Shawarma Wraps

This Lentil Shawarma Wrap by Alissa from Connoisseurus Veg is a pure delight. 21g of protein, stacked with minerals, vitamins and deliciousness. Although I have to tell you that this is certainly the least healthiest sandwich of the list, it is still a rather healthy wrap.

To make this Middle Eastern/American wrap of many flavors, you’ll need dry lentils, a tomato, a cucumber, scallions, hummus or tahini which ever you like most, onion, garlic, tomato paste, kalamata olives, a wrap, and many different spices.

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Do you love sandwiches? Which one are you going to try?

Joanna Colomas